Sunday, December 23, 2012

HUGE XMAS Sale 15% until Jan 1st

Hey Folks I am having a huge Yule/Christmas Sale on my Etsy shop. This will be my last sale until February. I am having this sale as a thank you to my customers and followers. It is also my Christmas gift to you. Just enter code YULEXMAS at checkout and receive 15% off any size order. There is no minimum. Please note due to the Holidays shipping time might be a bit delayed then normal. But, I will still have my shop open and be answering e-mails as time permits me to do so. Just go to my shop at I am wishing you all a lovely Holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Helpful and Non-Helpful Rootworkers and Conjure Folks

Lately I have heard a lot of my clients tell me that they have gone to a root worker or conjure people who have not helped them at all. I find this to my a growing trend today. People just want to take a person's money and do not answer questions. As workers yes we usually have a lot to do but that does not mean we should abandon our clients in there time of need. I will always answer questions as promptly as possible. One client recently thanked me for the time I take to fully answer her questions. I have had quite a few clients come to me asking me for help and tell me that I am the only one that fully answered there question and did not leave them hanging. Even if the root worker is busy and has 20 or more clients does not mean they should abandon there clients. I have heard root workers say that they don't answer questions because they expect the person to know what they are doing. But, let's be realistic some people are new to this and this is there first experience coming to a root worker for help. Some will be put off by someone who can't be bothered to take the time to help them and might just give up hope. I was lucky because when I got into this I found a sincere root worker and reader who answered my questions and gave me spells to do on my own. She is the one that inspired me to really get into this. Then of course I came across a few bad workers who took days to answer my questions if they did at all. They left me hanging and really just wanted me to buy there products. Granted I tell all my clients please allow 2-3 days for me to respond because you never know. You might be sick or an emergency might come up. But, in most cases I answer promptly and at least answer questions. My clients are 100% my priority. I also see real authentic root workers who on occasion offer free services. I had an occasion once where I really needed some help and was doing the work on my own to no avail. As a root worker sometimes it is hard to do the work yourself when you are sick or depressed. In fact most workers will not do work if they are sick or having a hard time even for themselves. This is not abnormal. Like reading the tarot it is much easier to read someone else then it is to read yourself. Even mediums have this issue as well. So it is not weird if a worker occasionally goes to someone else for help. This one known lady actually did light a novena candle for me and helped me out free of charge. No they will usually not do a full blown spell for no charge because it costs for supplies and all the work and energy it takes. But, I myself am always happy to light a candle for a client if need be for free. I am always willing to pray for a client for free as well. My clients are always on my mind. I wonder how they are doing way after the work has been done. If someone is not willing to answer your questions and at least light a small candle for you then find someone else who makes there clients number 1 on there list. Most likely that person is just out to make a buck or does not really care or want to take the time it takes to be a professional.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stop Gossip Loaded and Fixed Buckeye Nut- Hoodoo Staple

Buckeye nuts have long been a hoodoo staple. Especially fixed Buckeye nuts. They have a hole drilled in them and where originally filled with mercury and sealed with wax then put in mojo or gris gris bags for gambling and money luck. Mine are completely safe and where created to stop gossip and return negativity back to the sender. They are my own original buckeye nut blend of herbs. You won't find another stop gossip buckeye nut and if you do it is not authentic. My Buckeye nuts have twofold action. They can also help with money and gambling as well. I love having two or even three fold action products. You get more for your money that way. Just click on the picture and you will be taken to the listing. My new Marriage and Return to me oils. They are variations of my original oils but these are more concentrated and in smaller bottles so if you want to try the oil without spending a lot of money you can get the small version of the oil. This oil is also created as a perfume oil. The marriage oil has a very strong orange scent and the return to me has pineapple oil in it. Click on the pictures to see my oils. My brand new Original stop gossip hoodoo spell envelope. Created with special herbs and ingredients to help stop gossip. The envelope is also handmade by me. It truly is a one of a kind item. You can burn the envelope and release the spell to the spirits. Or you can carry the envelope safely with you in your pocket or purse to stop those nasty naysayers. Or even leave it on your altar as an offering to the deity of your choice. I recommend Mama Brigitte as she is known for justice, hekate, Yemaya the mother of the seas and a protector to her children, or any other protection deity you feel a connection with. Just click on the picture to be taken to the listing.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Listings This week- Yemaya blessing Oil- Lilith Novena Candle

These are my brand new listings up today. I was working hard on these tonight. After I got more herbs today. I have added quite a few new listings to the shop this past week. If you are interested in any of these listings just click on the picture and it will take you to the listing. NEW Yemaya Blessing oil NEW Lilith 7 day Novena Candle Lilith 7 Day Novena Candle NEW Return to me Oil

Friday, November 23, 2012

Why I do my Work

I wanted to write this post because I feel a need to do so and in many ways set the record straight about why I do my work. I do my work because a few years ago I fell in love with Hoodoo and Voodoo. Marie Laveau is my biggest inspiration in life besides the bible and the amazing deities I found along my path. Marie Laveau was a single mother working to help other people and to support her children who she was left to take care of all by herself. I know that was not a choice she made but she struggled to make a living. But, she knew about roots. She knew about the earth. she knew about Hoodoo and Voodoo. So one day she decided to help other people with her craft. She then became known as a very successful voodoo queen and business woman. We all have to start somewhere in this life. I started adding occult and hoodoo supplies to my shop because first and foremost I want to help other people. Ever since I was a little girl I felt a connection to the earth and I knew when I grew up I wanted to help people. For a long time I thought about becoming a doctor but then realized medicine was not for me at least not that kind of medicine. I tried other ways to help people as well. but, then I found hoodoo and voodoo and always knew in my heart I wanted to help people with hoodoo. For as long as I've been studying and practicing hoodoo and voodoo I have had this dream in my heart. Then one day I found some great shops online. Lucky Mojo was the first. Catherine Yronwood really inspired me in my Hoodoo practice. She is a great person. Very kind but she will also tell you like it is. Which I admit I love about her. She really inspired me in many ways. I knew I wanted to be like her and help people. I am no ware near as being as successful as she is nor do I want to be. I just want to help others with my wares and knowledge in this field. Second of all I heard of Denise Alverado and Madrina Angelique who are also amazing women. I also admire them and the work they do. I then saw another shop the first Hoodoo shop on Etsy that I actually bought from. The owner really inspired me to start selling on Etsy. Since I already had a vintage shop. Plus, I thought she was an amazing person and finally felt like the moment was here to allow my dream to come true of owning my own Botanica online. My dream and goal is always to help and inspire other people. If I can help people and inspire people then I have reached my dream. I have reached my goal. My goal is not to be rich or be the most successful. But, yes I do also want to make a living. I am a normal person with bills to pay and mouth's to feed. This is not my motivation nor the most important thing to me since the money I make from sales usually goes to charity and getting more herbs and products for my shop so I can create more products and help more people. But, without money I would not be able to help other people. I appreciate all my loyal customers who support me and I truly hope to serve you for years to come whether it be on Etsy or elsewhere.

Copyrighting and what is legal and what is not

So, I am writing this blog because I realize so many people are confused about what copyrighting is. They then go around bullying and harassing people for using there ideas. I have heard this happen all too often lately. Unfortunately it seems to happen quite often in the Hoodoo community. I think it is so sad when people feel the need to attack and get nasty. I also am writing this post in sort of a defense of myself. And some other root workers who I buy from. First of all you cannot copyright an idea. Anyone can have the same idea. For example someone had the idea to make cat litter. Another person has an idea to make a lamp. another person has an idea to make a cereal. If you could copyright an idea then there would be only one lamp, one brand of cereal, and one brand of cat litter. But, multiple people had the same idea they just packaged and manufactured the idea there own way. All the recipes for cat litter and cereal are slightly different. Many people have made there own style of Lamps. So therefore they legally took the idea but made it there own. Even if you change one thing about an idea then it legally becomes yours and you are not copyrighting someone else. Now if you made the exact same cat litter, lamp, or cereal as someone else then you would be infringing on there copyright. Get the idea? Ideas cannot be copyrighted only finished end result products. If the end result is similar but not the same as someone Else's idea then you are not in violation. That means that the product is slightly different. Now copyrighting someone else finished product exactly is copyright infringement. But, you can not actually be sued or sue someone else unless you have your product copyrighted with the federal copyright office. After my situation I did get a lot of my products copyrighted legally and will be doing so again soon. I am really doing it to protect my hard work so people can not accuse me of stealing there ideas. I am an ethical person and I find is sad when people feel the need to bully and attack other people especially without all the facts.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Day of the Dead

Today is officially the day of the dead. To me this day is even more important then Samhain or Halloween. Samahain is very important in the pagan faith as it represents the new year but in other faiths the day of the dead is the most important holiday of the entire year. In almost all religion there is some sort of ancestor reverence. We would not be here today or be who we where if it where not for those who have gone before us and those who will come after us. Today is the day for paying our respects to the dead and our passed on ancestors. I have done this by honoring Santa Mauerte and the Ghede. I set up a special ancestor altar as well as put out special foods to Santa maurte, the Ghede, and Oya the queen of the cemetery. If you are new to ancestor reverence then this is the place to start. Reverence does not mean worship by the way. We pay our respects to the dead but they are not Gods. I also do not think it is a good idea to bring them into our spells. Some people do but it is serious business. So do not mess around with ouija boards or anything that deals with contacting the dead. Do not include your relatives in spells unless it is someone you knew who loved you very much. Calling on anyone else could have deadly results. This is no joke! if people where bad in this life they are still bad in the next life. So be careful who you trust in the beyond world.
I burned some hell bank notes which is traditional to do. Some religions believe that our ancestors need money in the afterlife. And they also make good money offerings to the deities. I bought mine from a great shop on Etsy